RADCO's team members share a common purpose – to bring our highest and best work in service of each other, our residents, and our business partners. RADCO's mission to Build Better Living was born out of our CEO's humble childhood in the public housing projects of Brooklyn, NY. We are dedicated together in the work to create communities that make our residents feel proud to call home.

"When you go home at night, and your loved ones ask you, ‘What did you do at work today?’ you can look up, smile, and say, ‘Today, I did some good."

- Norman Radow, CEO, The RADCO Companies


RADCO Difference

At RADCO, our culture is our DNA. People are at the heart of our business and are the drivers of what makes RADCO so different. We believe in a team member first philosophy and empower our team members to be fearless, caring, flexible, and successful. We encourage new ideas, invest in team member development, and hold ourselves to a high standard of service.

"RADCO Residential is hyper-focused on reintroducing the humanities in the multifamily space. We centralize all rote and routine business practices to remove distractions and allow our team members the time and space to be fully present. Successful team member and customer retention are driven by authentic relationships."

- Mike Brewer, COO, The RADCO Companies

Social Responsibility

RADCO embraces our responsibility to do social good and make a lasting impact in the communities we serve. We continuously seek ways to contribute and become part of something greater than ourselves. RADCO's Caring in Action platform provides our team members with the opportunity to be involved in charitable causes; our Social Justice Committee is born out of our commitment to stand for racial justice; and our internal employee assistance program, RADCO Cares, provides help for fellow team members in a time of financial crisis. Together, we drive change.


Core Values

Building Better Living