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Management Team

Team Members
  • Image of Mike Brewer

    Mike Brewer

    Chief Operating Officer

    [email protected]
    Mike Brewer is passionate about people, technology, and real estate. Mike’s investment in technological advances and education improves the team member experience and elevates customer engagement. He joined RADCO Residential in 2016 and oversees...
  • Chris Simon

    Senior Vice President, Operations

    [email protected]
    Chris Simon is a multifamily enthusiast and deeply appreciates the team members who work to deliver on our brand promises every day. Chris understands the critical value of culture and his role in ensuring that our core values come to life in ho ...
    Image of Chris Simon
  • Image of Janet Baildon

    Janet Baildon

    Vice President, Talent Management

    [email protected]
    Janet is passionate about people development and building meaningful connections. She joined The RADCO Companies in 2013 and plays an instrumental role in driving impactful programs to attract, develop, and engage team members throughout the or...
  • Justin Jasper

    Vice President, Client Services

    [email protected]
    Justin leads RADCO’s strategic plan to initiate and expand third-party owner relationships in the Southeast. With more than a decade in the multifamily sector, Justin has broad success connecting multifamily owners with quality real estate servi ...
    Image of Justin Jasper
  • Image of Briana Gallardo

    Briana Gallardo

    Vice President, Property Accounting

    [email protected]
    Briana Gallardo is enthusiastic about accounting and helping others understand how proper financial reports help tell the story of a company or an asset. She is dedicated to building bridges between the onsite and investment management teams and...
  • Travis Block

    Vice President, Marketing

    [email protected]
    Travis Block is a seasoned marketing leader with a passion for branding, digital marketing, customer experience, and innovation within the real estate space. With more than twelve years in this industry, he’s coined himself as the “Multifamily M ...
    Image of Travis Block
  • Image of Gary Gregory

    Gary Gregory

    Director, Operational Initiatives

    [email protected]
    Gary Gregory lives with a servant leadership approach to help leaders, departments, and companies achieve their goals and objectives. He joined RADCO Residential in April 2023 having served in the multifamily and student housing industry for ove...
  • David Brooks

    Director, Construction

    [email protected]
    David Brooks is dedicated to excellence and true leadership. David has been with RADCO since 2012. In his role as Director, Construction, he oversees all renovation and construction projects. He is committed to delivering superior results and is ...
    Image of David Brooks
  • Image of Caryn Backus

    Caryn Backus

    Director, Systems Operations

    [email protected]
    Caryn Backus leads the RADCO systems, CPU, and revenue management teams with a collaborative style. She enjoys supporting RADCO’s onsite and corporate teams to meet shared goals. Caryn joined RADCO Residential in 2022. Her history of working wit...
  • Jerrico Webster

    Senior Regional Manager

    [email protected]
    Jerrico Webster is an enthusiastic leader with a passion for excellence and enjoys developing tomorrow’s leaders. Jerrico joined RADCO in 2022 as an experienced property operations professional with over seventeen years in the multifamily indust ...
    Image of Jerrico Webster
  • Image of Drew Williams

    Drew Williams

    Regional Manager

    [email protected]
    Drew Williams is deeply motivated by RADCO’s most precious asset, its people. He works diligently to deliver the highest degree of service and develops meaningful relationships with team members, residents, vendor partners, investors, and client...
  • Lolita James

    Regional Manager

    [email protected]
    Lolita James’ passion for improving the lives of others fuels her leadership style and strong customer service ethos. Lolita joined RADCO Residential with more than 22 years of property management experience. She served as a coach for RADCO’s LE ...
    Image of Lolita James
  • Image of Aisha Kendrich

    Aisha Kendrich

    Regional Manager

    [email protected]
    Aisha Kendrich realized that multifamily management was her passion soon after attending a career fair during college. She believes that home is a sanctuary and understands property management’s role in creating and sustaining an environment for...