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Finding the right apartment home can be exciting—and a little overwhelming! At RADCO, we want to make the process as easy as possible, so we have assembled answers to some frequently asked questions. Because some answers may differ among various RADCO communities, please contact the management office at the specific community in which you are interested for more detailed information.


What fees or deposits are required to reserve an apartment?
Although exact charges vary by property, the fees listed below are typical and required to reserve an apartment. RADCO accepts payment by check or major credit card for application fees, admin fees and security deposits.

  • Application and Admin Fees
    Application fees are non-refundable and are paid by each applicant for verification of their information. Admin fees vary by property and are applied to your account upon approval of your rental application.

  • Security Deposit
    A Security Deposit may be required as a condition of approval of your application. The Security Deposit is potentially refundable, depending upon the condition of the apartment home upon move-out. The Security Deposit is held as security throughout the duration of the lease, as fulfillment of the conditions of the Lease Agreement.
RADCO accepts electronic payment, electronic certified funds, or major credit cards for application fees, admin fees, and security deposits.

When is rent due?
Rent is due on the first of every month, in addition to your monthly utilities, water charges, trash removal, and any other recurring fees (which vary by property). The date that rent is considered late varies by state; please refer to your lease agreement for further information regarding when late fees will be assessed.

What forms of payment does RADCO accept?
RADCO is proud to be paperless; we accept electronic rent payments via the Resident Portal or Mobile App. Residents may also make payments at thousands of payment center locations across the country using the Walk-In Payment System (WIPS).
Who should complete the Rental Application?
An Application for Residency must be completed and maintained for each person 18 years of age or older who will be living in the apartment and/or is on the lease agreement. Applicants sharing joint credit may put all information on one Application. A separate Application will be needed from anyone guaranteeing the lease obligation.

What forms of identification will I need to provide?
The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2003, also known as The FACT Act or FACTA, was designed to prevent, detect and mitigate identity theft. Each applicant is required to provide a valid drivers license, passport, or other acceptable government-issued photo identification in order to comply with the requirements of The FACT Act. Note that the identification presented at move-in must match the identification presented with the Rental Application.

How does RADCO determine whether they accept my application?
RADCO's Resident Selection Criteria include: (1) criminal history, (2) previous rental history, (3) current income, (4) credit history, and (5) employment verification. This information is verified by a third-party screening company. For additional information regarding a RADCO community's specific requirements regarding any/all of these criteria, please contact the community's management office.
Do you offer short-term leases? Lease terms vary by state, according to local laws. The shortest lease term for our Florida communities is 7 months; lease terms begin at 2 or 3 months for most of our other communities. Our dedicated Leasing Consultants can review lease term options with you during the leasing process.

Can I transfer to a different apartment before my lease is up?
Yes, RADCO is pleased to offer a transfer-on-site program at most communities. If you have lived in your current apartment for at least 6 months, and your apartment is in good condition, you can transfer to another RADCO apartment without incurring the full cost of breaking a lease. Transfers are subject to the approval of the property manager, and require a 30-day written notice, payment of a transfer fee, as well as the cost of any fees for the new apartment. Other terms and conditions may apply, so ask your Leasing Consultant or Property Manager for details. If your account is in good standing and the apartment is in good condition, you can transfer

I need to break my lease. How can I do that?
The terms for early termination vary by property and can be found in your lease agreement.

What are your renters insurance requirements?
Prior to moving in, RADCO requires that a resident present a renters insurance certificate showing a minimum of $100,000 in personal liability coverage. The policy must be maintained throughout the term of the lease, and proof of insurance will be required upon each lease renewal. In the event a resident has an accident that damages the apartment, renters insurance is designed to protect the resident and RADCO from disputes over legal liability for the accident.

To help our future residents obtain renters insurance at competitive and negotiated rates, RADCO partners with Asset Protect to offer pre-approved, low-cost insurance protection for our residents.
How do I set up utilities?
You will need to set up all necessary utilities for your new apartment home in your name, effective for your move-in date. Proof will be required prior to move-in. To make this an easier process, when you sign a lease, each new resident receives an invitation to Updater, where you can order, connect or transfer utility services.

How do I schedule my move-in date?
Since procedures vary by community due to parking restrictions or team member availability, please contact the management office as soon as possible after your lease signing to schedule your move. The move-in date is subject to manager approval and may not be permitted on major holidays or Sundays.

On move-in day, please be sure to allow time to perform the move-in inspection so that you can document any pre-existing damages not already noted.

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