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Caring in Action

RADCOs Caring in Action community service efforts revolve around our core value of Caring. We believe in social good, championing, and setting examples for our employees, our residents, and our communities. We give back to our communities because we genuinely care. This is not just a pillar in our mission statement; it is who we are. We encourage every person at RADCO to embody our Caring in Action mission and to make it a part of their daily lives.

RADCO's Caring in Action Core Pillars

Nurturing Our Communities

  • Ongoing efforts to provide safe and affordable housing for those in our communities
  • Feeding the hungry through food drives, food bank volunteering, providing meals in soup kitchens
  • Example community partners:
    Habitat for Humanity, Atlanta Community Food Bank, Helping Hands

Providing Hope for Our Children

  • Providing hope to less fortunate children through sponsorships, holiday giving, and volunteering
  • Investing in leadership and talent development programs to provide children in our communities with the opportunity for a bright future
  • Example community partners:
    CURE Childhood Cancer, Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta, Cool Girls, Feeding Children Everywhere

Honoring Our Veterans

  • Honoring our veterans through volunteer work and assisting with housing and job opportunity projects
  • Sponsoring local PTSD and TBI rehabilitation projects
  • Example community partners:
    Code of Support Foundation

Caring for Our RADCO Family

  • Supporting each other during times of financial hardships through our very own nonprofit organization, RADCO Cares, Inc.
  • Investing in our employees by providing an industry-leading benefits package, 401(k) match, competitive pay, and career growth opportunities